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Between July and September each year, humpback whales enter the warm waters of New Caledonia to reproduce and give birth.

You can take a trip aboard a sailing catamaran or a motor boat to go and observe these giant creatures in the southern lagoon of New Caledonia.

Aware of the unique nature of these long-anticipated visits, the charter companies joined forces under the Calédonie Charter association, working since 2010 to minimise the impact on these mammals by limiting the number of observation boats per day.

This also includes the setting up of the cetacean observation charter in collaboration with the South Province, whereby signatory skippers commit to respecting the movements and behaviours of marine animals to observe them in their natural environment in complete safety and without disturbing them.

To make the public aware of the preservation of the lagoon and these animals, tablets made available by the WWF are available in most of the association's boats. This educational and interactive mobile cetacean identification application allows you to learn more about marine mammals and participate in their census.

To go further in the process and minimise the impact on the environment, visit the covoiturage.nc website and share your trips to Prony.


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