Learn French

Nouméa is the perfect place to learn French (or improve your fluency) during your stay!

The essential

  • Relaxed, friendly and cutting edge
  • Staying with a host family - the ideal total immersion

Why not make the most of your visit to New Caledonia by learning and speaking French? A range of options are open to you. Over a thousand people intent on learning French, improving their fluency or working towards a grade or diploma and keen to get a real feel for the French lifestyle come to New Caledonia every year for a study experience. Most of them, both students and adults, come from Australia, New Zealand or Japan.

Those who have chosen to study at CREIPAC, a public institution under the aegis of the New Caledonia Government and the largest French language study centre for non-residents (although not exclusively non-residents), will adore the stunning teaching premises, the stately Hôtel du Commandant (Commander’s Residence), a superb and skilfully restored colonial edifice in the Nouville neighbourhood, once part of the old penitentiary complex.

Relaxed, friendly and cutting edge...

The administrative and teaching staff do everything in their power to give every single student a warm welcome and ensure they enjoy a great learning experience and a really happy stay. Nothing is left to chance, great care is taken to cater for individual dietary requirements, and facilities (including interactive whiteboards) are state-of-the-art.

Courses last a week (apart from intensive 2 week courses) with mornings given over to lessons (3 hrs) and afternoons set aside for excursions, activities and visits. The activities on offer form an integral part of the teaching approach: the focus for vocabulary and language work in the morning is directly linked to the afternoon schedule: a visit to the Lagoon Aquarium, the Museum of New Caledonia, the Botanical & Wildlife Park or Amédée Lighthouse islet…

Staying with a host family - the ideal total immersion!

When it comes to accommodation, whichever language centre you attend, the choice is yours: you can stay at a hotel or opt for a total immersion experience and stay with a New Caledonian host family (private room and family breakfast and dinner). It’s a great way to live life “à la française”, getting a real feel for the French language, culture and cuisine...


Further information:

. CREIPAC : CREIPAC is accredited to confer the DELF diploma (French Language Studies Diploma), the DALF diploma (Advanced French Language Diploma) and even the French Language Test, required for anyone applying for French citizenship.

. Institut Voltaire