What type of new cal traveller are you?

Whether you are experiencing the bustling hub of Nouméa, escaping to a tropical island or renting a car an exploring at your own pace, there’s something for everyone in New Caledonia.

1. The Busy Parents

New Caledonia offers the chance to totally disconnect and just "get away from it all”. With a warm island welcome, and its beautiful beaches and reefs, New Caledonia is a true South Pacific hotspot to rest and recharge. Exhausted parents can enjoy a lovely stay on the Isle of Pines to come back revitalised and ready to do it all again!

Relax & unwind


2. The Food Lovers

Whether it’s fine dining, eating with the locals or enjoying wine or cheese tastings, there is something for everyone in New Caledonia. Expect to see baguettes and gooey French cheeses sold alongside coconuts and yams at the local market – the blend of tropical and Gallic influences makes the island such a delicious and mouth-watering destination for foodies.

Taste unique flavours


3. The Culture Vultures

Much like the variety of cuisine on the island, New Caledonia’s mixed heritage creates a unique and interesting architectural landscape. Traditional native buildings sit next to avant-garde structures and neighbourhoods featuring both European and Chinese colonial buildings. Some highlights include the cottages in the Vallée des Colons and the mansions of Faubourg Blanchot, as well as the amazing Tjibaou Cultural Centre in Nouméa.

Discover the local culture


4. The Water- Sport Fanatics

Located in the world’s largest lagoon and possessing the second-largest barrier reef and one of the biggest marine reserves, New Caledonia is a diver’s paradise. The crystalline lagoon also lends itself to windsurfing, kitesurfing, snorkelling, canoeing and scuba-diving, or simply a relaxing dip if preferred.

Get wet!


5. The Authenticity Seekers

For a truly authentic New Caledonian experience, there are options for travellers to immerse themselves in the island’s Kanak, or traditional Melanesian, culture. Guests can experience the traditional Kanak way of life through a tribal homestay, or can try traditional cuisine, such as the Kanak Bougna casserole.

Immerse yourself


6. The Francophiles

Pétanque in public squares, people speaking French and driving on the right-hand side of the road, tiny French bistros and supermarché (supermarket) shelves lined with wine, champagne, cheese and charcuterie… For Francophiles without the time to visit Paris, New Caledonia is a perfect close-to-home option.

Discover the French lifestyle


7. The Daredavil

With endless water-sport and outdoor activities available, New Caledonia is appealing to active travellers. The warm water of the lagoon, its underwater treasures and the trade winds that rock the coast throughout all four seasons, offer the ideal setup for kite-surfers, windsurfers and surfers, while the options for trekking, mountain biking, zip-lining and golfing are perfect for exploring the island.

Be adventurous


8. The Love Birds

Featuring magnificent sunsets, luxurious hotels and French cuisine, New Caledonia is the perfect destination for a romantic escape. New Caledonia is the kind of destination that tugs at the heart strings and brings couples closer together. It’s a tropical paradise after all, with crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches and a slower pace of life that truly makes lovers appreciate everything they have in life – including their special someone.

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9. The Nature Lovers

Outside of the capital, New Caledonia’s landscape is a haven for naturalists, photographers, and adventurers. Whether it’s hiking through the lush forests of the mountain range, visiting pristine cascades, following ancient trails, walking on secluded white sandy beaches, sailing on the translucent waters of the lagoon or trekking in the southernmost territories, New Caledonia’s stunning environment will always surprise visitors.

Explore nature


10. The Party Goers

New Caledonia is home to an exceptional and vibrant nightlife. Visitors can find trendy bars, gastronomic restaurants and nightclubs all within walking distance of the Nouméa accommodation strip. For something extra special, visitors can explore New Caledonia’s amazing private island parties too!

Enjoy the nightlife