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Discover the Isle of Pines with Mana Nautique tours (bus, motor boat, outrigger).

  • Île des Pins Vao (Village)
  • Tel : +687 415114
  • Mob : +687 750088
  • Open all days of the year except 25 December, 1&2 January.

Discover the Isle of Pines and the riches of its lagoon with Mana Nautique. Boat trips to Brosse Island, St. Joseph bay, Turtle bay, lobster meals and the famous snails of the island and pirogue in Upi bay.

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Outings :

Nautical Safari (6H) Discovery of the aquatic environment, Islet Brosse and meal Description: It is at St. Joseph's Bay that the departure is given every day at 9am. The return is scheduled around 15h. (If you arrive by the Betico of 9:30, Mana Nautique can recover you on your arrival and make you join the group left since 9h) The price includes: The excursion and the meal, the shuttle is free. (Military Reduction and
Heritage Safari (6H) Discovery of St. Joseph's Bay and its turtles, Meals at Îlot Brosse, demonstrations of traditional activities and hiking at Trou des Nurses The price includes: The excursion and the meal - The shuttle is free. Decreasing prices according to the number of people
Pirogue To Upi Bay and Natural Pool Upi Bay, also nicknamed "the small Bay of Ha Long Caledonian" will offer you unique landscapes in an exceptional setting. It is at St. Joseph's Bay that the departure is given every day at 8am for a day rich in emotion. Sitting comfortably aboard a traditional dugout canoe, you will sail between the huge rocks as the Kuniés did other times. On the course turtles, sharks and rays will accompany you perhaps for a moment before leaving to get lost in the waters of the lagoon. At the end of the Bay of Upi, a 45 minute walk awaits you in the middle of the forest and the columnar pines to join the Bay of Oro and its famous natural swimming pool. In case you do not want to walk to the natural pool it is possible to return to Pirogue (same price). Return expected around 15:00. Possibility of shuttle transfer to and from your hotel or airport. Also think of providing the sum of 200 XPF in cash for the entry of the natural swimming pool.

Prezzo :

Excursions/activities CFP Dollar
Pirogue tour
Adult without meals 5018 48
Child 4-12 y/o 3011 29
Adult with sandwich 6018 57
Child with sandwich 4011 38
Nautical Safari
Adult without meals 7926 75
Adult stuffed snails/fish/chicken Meal 11538 110
Adult Lobster Meal 14749 140
Child 4-12 y/o 3712 35
Child 4-12 y/o stuffed snails/fish/chicken Meal 6321 60
Child 4-12 y/o Lobster Meal 8930 85
Heritage Safari
Adult without meals 7950 76
Adult stuffed snails/fish/chicken Meal 11130 106
Adult Lobster Meal 13780 131
Child 4-12 y/o 3498 33
Child 4-12 y/o stuffed snails/fish/chicken Meal 6148 58
Child 4-12 y/o Lobster Meal 7950 76

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Certificate of Excellence 2018
N. 11 di 19 Cose da fare a Ile Des Pins 122 Consigli

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Con l'escursione Safari Nautico due motoscafi ed un gommone ci hanno portato a visitare dei posti da cartolina nell'arcipelago dell'isola dei pini. Bagno con le tartarughe, avvistamento delf…

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