La vanille joyeuse, chez Lues

Visit to a vanilla plantation. Vanilla beans and by-products for sale.

  • Lifou, Mu , 87, 98885
  • Situé à l'entrée de la tribu de Mu, avant la baie de Wadra
  • Tel : +687 451579
  • Mob : +687 924182

La vanille joyeuse, chez Lues (land-based activities - Lifou)

Vanilla culture was introduced to Lifou in 1860 by British minister, Samuel McFarlane. He had brought along some vanilla plants from Madagascar. Today, over 120 growers produce vanilla that is completely organic. In the southern of the island, the Mu tribe was the first to receive vanilla stems from missionaries. A great enthusiast, Lues will tell you the story of Lifou vanilla and show you all the secrets of its culture.

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  • Vanilla plantation

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Guided visit to the vanilla plantation
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