Blue Calédonie Fishing Trips

Enjoy sport fishing in the world’s largest lagoon, with Blue Calédonie Fishing trips.

  • La Foa, Ouano
  • Mob : +687 797351
  • Reservation required.

Blue Calédonie Fishing Trips (water sports - La Foa)

Blue Calédonie Fishing Trips operate sport fishing in the largest lagoon in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. They have a range of half day and full day excursions, with longer trips also available on request.

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  • Fishing

Outings :

Active sport fishing, from semi-light casts to deep sea extreme Departure from Ouano. The trip includes the boat + petrol, the skipper, high quality fishing tackle, all current required insurances.
Packages in the North and East coast Transport + fishing trip + accommodation

Prezzo :

Excursions/activities CFP Dollar
Active sport fishing trips
Ouano (base 3 pers.) 88500 885
North/East coast (base 1 pers.) 88500 885
North/East coast (base 2 pers.) 98500 985
North/East coast (base 3 pers.) 107500 1074
Reduced rate (local)
Ouano (base 3 pers.) 72000 720
North/East coast (base 3 pers.) 88500 885